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Pearson Brown is an experienced teacher and writer. He started writing exercises online in 1998 and quickly became an acknowledged leader in teaching English on the Internet.

47 thoughts on “About”

  1. I`ve been receiving your english lessons for a long time.I can`t thank you enough.By the way I`d like to join you facebook address if you send me a invitation or share you address.

  2. Thanks a lot Pearson for setting up this site and making all this material available for free. It sure is helpful!
    Wishing you and Caroline great success.

  3. Dear Pearson,
    It´s amazing to have a chance to surf on a site so interesting like yours. Hope you carry on giving a chance to many people to learn English. Cheerssss!!!

  4. Dear Pearsons,

    I just want you both know how much I appreciate the lessons I have been receiving all this time.

    Lessons on phrasal verbs for example are greatly helpful in improving my understanding informal/conversational english.

    I wish you well. Thanks so much.

  5. These are great exercises. Thank you for that.
    I have a question. I dont understand the difference between “to talk down” and “to talk down to”.
    If you can explain it, I will be happy.

  6. A huge thank to you Mr Pearson…It helps a lot, I want to know how to do in order to do not lost your background in english ,if you’re not leaving in a country where english is not the official language and don’t have the opportunity to practice. Thank you in advance

  7. Dear Pearson,

    where should we use would have been and would have?

    Any example with clarification would be helpful!!!


  8. Dear Peason and Caroline,
    I used to receive your English lessons from the beginning of this year up to June, 16th. Honestly, I’m deeply attached to you and your lessons make me interested in English. No word can express my deep gratitude to you.
    By the way, I still want your lessons, so that I sent you an email to bonusloyal@aweber.com 1 month ago, but up to now I haven’t received your confirmation letter. Could you check up your email and add me to your “loyal” list, please?
    Thank you very much!

  9. I always thank you for teaching me English.
    whenever I get your email, I write down the English phrasals you teach in my note and study. :)

  10. Dear Mr.P. Brown and Ms.Caroline,

    I think this is what ‘Teaching’ is all about. When you know something and then you help so many people to learn a language, grammatically correct, which is so noble and a generous thought.

    Tons of Thanks,

  11. Can you help me with something.
    Why do we say in English can you call me, But we say can you explain TO me, or can you describe TO me. Why not say call TO me.



  12. So thank you a lot of you lesson very helpfull for me to improve my english skill however
    i hope you will to luck in the future

    1. You need to take some conversation classes. Some people offer this by Skype from about twenty dollars an hour.

  13. Hi Mr. Brown, thank you very much with your very useful free lesson. it will help myself to improve english speaking & i want to speak english fluently.

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