Understanding English Grammar – phrasal verbs ‘stand’ part 2

Understanding English Grammar – phrasal verbs ‘stand’ part 2


Here are some more common expressions using the verb ‘to stand’ combined with particles:

‘to stand in’ means to replace or represent someone for a short time.

  • I’ll ask one of my colleagues to stand in while I’m away.
  • Another actor stood in for him while he was ill.

‘to stand out’ means to be much better than similar things or people.

  • One person stands out from all the candidates that we have met.
  • There is one solution that stands out clearly as the best.

‘to stand out’ also means to be noticeable because they are very different from others.

  • With her height and red hair, she always stands out in a crowd.
  • Children never want to stand out but to be just like everyone else.

‘to stand over’ means to supervise closely, watch what someone is doing.

  • She stood over me while I did the work just to be sure that I had done it properly.
  • I had to stand over my children otherwise they didn’t do their homework.

‘to stand round’ means to spend time standing, waiting for someone or something or doing nothing.

  • They just stood round and watched. They didn’t help.
  • We stood round in the cold for half an hour waiting for them to arrive.

‘to stand up’ means to rise into a standing position.

  • At school, we had to stand up whenever a teacher entered the room.
  • When she came in the room, everyone stood up to greet her.

‘to stand someone up’ means to fail to meet them on purpose, usually for a romantic date.

  • He didn’t come. He stood me up!
  • I waited in the restaurant for an hour before I realised I’d been stood up.

‘to stand up for’ something means to defend it because you believe in it.

  • You have to stand up for what you believe in.
  • You have to stand up for yourself, no one else will.

‘to stand up to’ means to not give in to someone in a powerful position, to argue your case

  • He was never afraid to stand up to his father even when he was very small.
  • The management is too weak to stand up to the union and their demands.


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