A new listening text

Hello again.

I had a great time on Friday. My friend and I had been told that a supermarket near us in Spain had a section containing a lot of English food. Although we eat well in France and have ready access to the good food in Spain, we thought it would be interesting to visit and find out what English products they were selling.

The supermarket is in Figueras, near the French border and most famous for its Salvador Dali museum. As we had plenty of time, we decided to go the short extra distance to the sea at Rosas. Rosas is not a very beautiful place these days. I first visited it thirty years ago and it was lovely. But there has been too much development, too much concrete, and it has lost its charm. Or so I thought. We decided to drive on from the main beach and explore a bit. What a fantastic surprise. We found a really beautiful sandy cove with a lovely restaurant. We ate great food and, as it was 26 degrees, my friend went swimming.

I’m afraid that out trip to the shop was less successful. The selection was no better than I can find in my local shop in France. I didn’t buy anything.

We have a new listening exercise available today. I hope you enjoy it – exercise 3.


Pearson BROWN