Applying for a Job

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Learn the vocabulary to talk about getting or changing jobs in English:

If there is ‘a vacancy’, there is a job available because a new post has been created or a person has left.

  • Larry’s move to London has created a vacancy in Marketing if you are interested.
  • We don’t have any vacancies at the moment but we will keep your CV on file.

When a post becomes vacant, the company ‘advertises the post’ in the press.

  • Although the post was advertised last month, we promoted someone internally.
  • We advertised the post in the national press last week and have received lots of applications.

If you ‘apply for a job’, you send in a CV or letter because you want the job.

  • Ten people have applied for the job just from advertising it internally.
  • I’ve applied for that job in Glasgow even though I don’t really have enough experience.

When you want a new job, you send ‘letters of application’ to the company concerned.

  • I’ve written letters of application for four different jobs but had no reply yet.
  • We have received letters of application from a wide range of candidates.

The candidates who apply for the job are also known as the ‘applicants’.

  • The number of applicants is very high. There are a lot of people with the right qualifications and experience.
  • We do a pre-selection of the applicants based on their previous experience.

A company can use a ‘recruitment agency’ to fill their vacancies

  • We use a recruitment agency to advertise the post and do a pre-selection.
  • There are several recruitment agencies who specialize in our sector so we can find highly qualified candidates quickly.

‘job description’ details all the duties, responsibilities and personal qualities necessary for a specific job.

  • We have written new job descriptions for all the jobs in our department.
  • I don’t think making the coffee is in my job description!

Your ‘qualifications’ are your academic or professional diplomas.

  • For a post at this level, we consider experience to be more important than academic qualifications.
  • For this post, we give full training. The only qualification necessary is a high school diploma.

‘Experience’ is the knowledge acquired through time already spent in work, in different jobs.

  • I have a lot of experience managing a small team and would now like to manage a bigger one.
  • The best candidates are those who have previous experience in the food industry.

‘Salary and benefits’ are what you are paid and the extras you receive in return for the work you do.

  • Although the starting salary is not very high, the benefits include health insurance.
  • We pay very competitive salaries and provide some of the best benefits in the sector.


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