Be or being?

 Hello again.
I have some listening activities for you that show the difference between the infinitive and the -ing form.
We get a lot of sunshine here on the border with Spain. When you look at the weather forecast for France as a whole, Perpignan is often the warmest city, particularly in winter. However, there is a downside to this, the very strong winds. In the last few days, the wind has been very strong and it has been causing a lot of problems. For instance, some airplanes had problems landing at Perpignan airport and had to be diverted.
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But the other evening I was very pleased that the wind was blowing so hard. There was a big forest fire just to the south of me. (It may well have been the wind that caused the fire by knocking over an electric pylon, nobody is too sure.) Luckily with the wind coming from the north, it kept the fire away from my village. Eighty fire-crew were fighting the blaze all night.
Pearson BROWN