Phrasal Verbs – push

The next verb we are going to look at is the verb ‘to push’ combined with particles. Here are some of the most common: ‘to push ahead’ with a plan or arrangement means to continue with it when there are problems or others wish to stop. We’ve had a few problems but we have decided … Read more

Whose grammar is it?

I was  discussing  some  of  your English   lessons in a language  forum  and  some people  told  me your  words are a kind of odd to them and  ask  me  where were you  from? what  I  posted  in the  language  forum  appears  bellow  this message, if you  want to see the discussion in the  forum use  … Read more

Understanding English Grammar – to be + infinitive

I’d like to ask a question about the grammar structure of am/is/are to + verb and was/were to verb. I am not able to understand the purpose/meaning of this structure. Please give me some examples about how I can use it and what it means. The usual idea of to be + to infinitive is … Read more

Phrasal Verbs – pull part 2

Let’s continue with ‘to pull’, here are some of the most common: ‘to pull out’ means to extract something. * It was very painful. The dentist pulled out two of my teeth. * Somebody had pulled some pages out of the book. ‘to pull out of’ means decide not to continue with an activity or … Read more