English Phrasal Verbs – into part 2

If you ‘check into’ a hotel, you arrive at the hotel and complete the registration process.

  • I’m going straight to the meeting. I’ll check into my hotel later.
  • Just give me thirty minutes to check into my hotel and I’ll be ready to go.

If you ‘check into’ some information, you verify if the information is correct.

  • We need to check into his background to see if he is who he says he is.
  • We need to check into these statistics to see how reliable they are.

If people ‘crowd into’ a room, many of them go into a small space.

  • Can everybody crowd into this room or do we need a bigger one?
  • We all crowded into this tiny room to hear her speak.

If you ‘get into’ a subject, you become interested in it or involved with it.

  • I’ve been getting into yoga recently and I’ve become more relaxed.
  • I got into teaching English because I wanted to visit other countries.

You can also ‘get into’ a habit of doing something.

  • I’ve got into the routine of jogging every morning before I start work.
  • You should get into the habit of checking your email only twice a day.

If you ‘look into’ something, you examine all the details.

  • We need to look into why we are doing so badly in Japan.
  • We’ll have to look into the possibility that our sales team have become unmotivated.

If a car ‘pulls into’ the side of the road, it stops.

  • Pull into that rest area so that we can have a break.
  • The train was pulling into the station as we got there.

If you have ‘put time/effort into ‘ something, you have spent a lot of time/effort on it.

  • I’ve put a lot of effort into this project but I don’t seem to be getting anywhere.
  • You’ve put a lot of work into this and I appreciate it.

To ‘put money into’ something means to invest in it.

  • We need to put a lot more money into English training.
  • We’ve put loads of money into research and development with very poor results.

If you ‘dig into’ something you have been saving, you use it part of it.

  • We will need to dig into our reserve fund to finance this work.
  • I had to dig into my savings to repair the storm damage to my house.

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