Hello again.

This week’s activity is about that tricky word ENOUGH. You can find it by clicking


At long last I have finished my house move. I only moved ten kilometers south but the whole thing seemed to take for ever. I moved everything by myself. At the age of 63, I found it all very tough and I hurt my back several times.

Probably the worst aspect was losing my Internet connection for a couple of weeks. I was able to tether my phone and use that a bit but it wasn’t the same. My new broadband connection is terrible. In my old tiny village I could get a speed of 6 but here the speed is only 2. Very difficult to work.

But I am enjoying being in a larger village with more facilities. I am also really close to Spain now, only a five minute drive. But I am not forgetting my English roots, I am off to London for a meeting on Friday and to see my son and his partner. She is from Slovakia. The partners of my two daughters are from France and Paraguay so we are an international family ๐Ÿ™‚

Have a nice week.

Pearson BROWN


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  1. Dear Mr. Brown
    I really happy that I find your website. I leave in Israel. I also have tree children. My bigest son leaves in England, and I have too amaizing granddaughter there. The second one has an American girlfrand and a partner of my third is from Pery. So as you see, I need to improve my english desperately. Even now, after first week, I’m begining feel better. So thank you very much.

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