Expressions concerned with ‘change’

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Learn the vocabulary in English to talk about the many changes that take place in a company or organization :

‘to promote’ = to move someone up to a higher position in the organization.

  • He handed his notice in last month when he didn’t get promoted to senior manager.
  • She wants to be promoted to supervisor but doesn’t have the interpersonal skills for that job yet.

‘to renew’ = to make new, to extend the life or replace something.

  • I originally had a two-year contract but it has been renewed twice.
  • We need to renew the work permits for the foreign workers who have been here a year.

‘to lay off’ = to make redundant, to stop employing someone

  • When we closed the warehouse, we laid off more than fifty people.
  • Technological advances means that we have had to lay off more and more unskilled workers.

‘to demote’ = to move someone to a lower level in the hierarchy

  • She was demoted after the terrible changeover to the new accounting system.
  • Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to demote anyone who does not live up to expectations.

‘to sideline’ = to not promote someone, to move them to a position with less effective power

  • When the new CEO was nominated, he was sidelined to another department.
  • After a period as a very ineffectual head of department, he was sidelined until he retired.

‘to replace’ = to exchange one thing for another, to put a person in the job of someone else.

  • Ken replaced Tanya when she left to pursue another career.
  • When David left, he was replaced by two people as the job had grown enormously.

‘to retire’ = to stop working due to ill health or age.

  • Jack suffers from ill health and has had to retire early.
  • The statutory age for retirement is 60 although people often retire early if they can.

‘to increase’ = to get bigger in amount or size.

  • Contributions that employees pay increased faster than salaries so cutting their net incomes.
  • Even though profits have increased, we are not in a position to increase salaries above the rate of inflation.

‘to expand’ = to increase in size, number or importance.

  • We have expanded our retail operations very quickly over the last three years.
  • The company expanded very quickly in the 1990s but has since stopped growing so fast.

‘to restructure’ = to organize a business or system in a new way to make it more efficient.

  • Currently we are restructuring our organization and dividing it into five cost centres.
  • He lost his job when the company restructured the department.



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