Expressions used with contract

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Learn the vocabulary in English to talk about job contracts:

‘binding contract’ is one which cannot be legally avoided or stopped.

  • We have a legally binding contract and you must supply us with these services. 
  • You can’t walk out on your binding contract just because you have received a better offer elsewhere.

An ‘exclusive contract’ is one which prevents the person from working with other people.

  • You have an exclusive contract to work with us and you cannot take on work for anybody else.
  • I think we should offer her an exclusive contract so that she only works for us.

‘renewable contract’ is one which can be continued after it has finished by a new one. The opposite of this is a ‘non-renewable contract’.

  • To work on this project, we can offer you a non-renewable contract of one year.
  • The contract is for one year, renewable for a second year if we are satisfied with your work.

‘temporary contract’ is one that is not permanent.

  • We can give you a temporary contract for six months.
  • You’ll start on a temporary contract and we may then offer you a permanent one.

‘valid contract’ is one that has legal force.

  • This contract is not valid until it is signed by both parties.
  • This letter is not a valid contract. I want a proper one.

‘breach of contract’ is when the person does something which breaks the terms of the contract.

  • If you don’t agree to move to Paris, you will be in breach of your contract.
  • If you refuse to work on Sunday, that is a breach of contract and we will dismiss you.

The ‘terms of contract’ are the conditions contained within the contract.

  • Under the terms of your contract, you have to work on some Sundays.
  • You are asking me to do something which is not in the terms of my contract.

If you ‘draw up’ a contract, you prepare it.

  • I’ll draw up a contract for you and you can sign it tomorrow.
  • I’ll get a new contract drawn up including the new terms and conditions.

If you ‘get out of’ a contract, you are no longer bound by it.

  • I’m not happy in my job and need to find a way to get out of my contract.
  • I think she’s being difficult because she wants to get out of her contract with us.

If you ‘go through’ a contract, you look at it in detail.

  • We need to spend a few minutes going through your contract.
  • Make sure you go through your contract carefully before you sign it.

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