Expressions used with ‘management’

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The top people in a company can be called ‘senior management’.

  • We need to get approval for this from senior management.
  • With my qualifications and experience, I should have a job in senior management.

Of course, another term for this is ‘top management’.

  • He rose quickly through the company and had a top management position before he was 30.
  • The top management of this company have no imagination or drive.

Not surprisingly, the opposite of ‘senior management’ is ‘junior management’.

  • He was promoted from the shop floor into a junior management position.
  • I feel I’m ready to move up from this junior management job.

Between ‘senior’ and ‘junior’ management is ‘middle management’.

  • It’s time I was promoted from junior management to middle management.
  • He rose rapidly to middle management but was then never offered a senior post.

The group of managers can be called the ‘management team’.

  • We have a strong management team, full of high quality people.
  • We need to improve our management team to bring new life to the company.

‘Aggressive management’ means being determined to do well and using strong methods to achieve success.

  • His aggressive management style has upset a few people.
  • We need some aggressive management to wake up this sleeping giant.

‘Day-to-day management’ is concerned with the ordinary and regular issues of a company.

  • I spend so long on the day-to-day management of my department that I have no time to look at the long-term.
  • You will deal with the day-to-day management of the company while I work on the strategy.

‘Strategic management’ is concerned with the long-term of the company.

  • This company lacks good strategic management and is just drifting.
  • You need to spend more time on strategic management and less on day-to-day issues.

‘General management’ is concerned with all aspects of the company, not a specialist area such as Research or Marketing.

  • You’ve spent your whole career in Sales and you need some experience of general management.
  • You need some time in general management to get an overview of the company.

If there is ‘inefficient management’, a company will not use its resources as well as it should. The opposite of this is ‘efficient management’.

  • The company is riddled with inefficient management. Don’t work with them.
  • If we replaced the inefficient management, we could turn this company around.

‘Weak management’ lacks the determination to carry out difficult decisions or actions.

  • This department has suffered from weak management for the last ten years.
  • There is a culture of weak management in this organization.

The opposite of this is ‘strong management’.  Notice that you can be ‘strong’ without being ‘aggressive’ – the first is reactive to events and the second is proactive.

  • This company needs some strong management to take on the unions.
  • We need strong management in this company, but not too aggressive.

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