Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

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How can I help my child with grammar?

Get them to do fun activities. My work is intended for adults but it is widely used in K-12 classrooms because it is fun.
How do I start teaching English grammar for beginners?

Don’t expect your students to understand too much too quickly. Keep it simple. One point at a time.
How do I teach my child grammar?

Keep it fun.
How many tenses are in English?

A linguist will tell you 2- Past and Present.

However in popular language we talk of 12 tenses.
How many tenses are there?

2 or 12. You take your pick.
What are the 12 tenses with examples?

Present Simple
I swim
Present Continuous
I am swimming
Past Simple
I swam
Past Continuous
I was swimming
Present Perfect
I have swum
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been swimming
Past Perfect
I had swum
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been swimming
Future Simple
I will swim
Future Continuous
I will be swimming
Future Perfect
I will have swum
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been swimming
What are the 12 types of tenses in English?

See my previous answer.
What are the 12 types of tenses PDF?

You can find my free ebook at
What are the 12 types of tenses with examples?

You can see detailed examples at
What are the 12 types of tenses?

See my previous andwer.
What are the 16 tenses?

We’ve already discussed the first 12. The other 4 are

The Past Future Simple
I would swim
The Past Future Continuous
I would be swimming
The Past Future Perfect Simple
I would have swum
The Past Future Perfect Continuous
I would have been swimming
What are the 4 levels of grammar?

I1)parts of speech, (2)sentences, (3)phrases, and (4)clauses.
What are the 5 components of grammar?

phonemes, morphemes, lexemes, syntax, and context
What are the 5 rules of language?

See my previous answer
What are the 8 parts of grammar?

Noun, Pronoun, Verb, Adjective, Adverb, Preposition, Conjunction,Interjection
What are the 8 types of speech?

See my previous answer
What are the most important grammar rules?

They are all important. Probably the best advice is to not try too hard to produce perfect grammar.
What are the tenses in English with examples?

See my previous answers
What are the three major components of grammar?

The subject, the verb and (sometimes) the object
What is tense in English grammar with examples?

See my previous answers.

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