Improve your writing – stress at work

Hello again. I’ve prepared a new text exercise at

The subject is ‘Stress at Work’.

8 thoughts on “Improve your writing – stress at work”

  1. the first i want to say ,I am sorry ‘couse i late to answer your lesson for me,becouse my body not fit therefore i never open my email for one week ago,and i want say thank’s so much of you attention and understand for me.

  2. thank you for helping me to improve english skill
    I hope you can many lesson for me to improve a lot of skill ,such as speaking ,writting listening .
    thank you once again
    best regard

  3. I am feeling difficulty in writing and reading ,in advance level ,and formal
    letters and application.Please provide me full guidance thanks

  4. I can understand all english but could not speak fast please help me how should i speak fasttly

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