Meetings vocabulary 3

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I have produced another set of exercises on Meetings vocabulary. Scroll down to the last exercise on this page

The first of November was a public holiday here in France. It is called All Saints Day and is a day when many people visit cemeteries to remember the dead. the flowers they usually bring are Chrysanthemums. These are very pretty flowers but in France they are associated with death. For us British people, there is no such association. for us, they are just a pretty autumn flower. We bring each other presents of these flowers. Unfortunately, some English friends of mine who are new to France took some flowers as a present when they were invited to dinner by French friends. These friends were quite upset to receive “the flowers of death” 🙂

The day before All Saints Day is Halloween. Until recently, this wasn’t celebrated in France but these days young children dress up in costumes, knock on neighbours’ doors and ask for sweets. (Which two words would probably be different in that sentence if I were American? Neighbor. Candy.)

I got a giant bag of sweets and waited. And waited. And waited. Nobody came. So I am left with a huge bag and I am a diabetic 🙁

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Thank you so much for sending all these useful exercises! They help me a lot! I used to study English and I finished the advanced courses at a British Institute in Asuncion, Paraguay where I took the First Certificate of Cambridge Test. Afterwards I had the chance to practice the language in different jobs I had with American and English employers. However, Nowadays I don’t get to use my English very often, so I look for English pages with exercises in order to not lose it completely.
I wish you the best!

These latest exes are real cool. Just what I need to consolidate my meetings lessons with the lads from the chemical company!!:)

month November Christian go to cemeteries for remind death, Hindus celebrate DEEPAVALEE festival, Islamic go to mosque and Buddhist people celebrate “KATINA CHEVARA” ceremony

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