More Word Partnerships

More Word Partnerships


Here is another exercise on word partnerships. They really help your English to sound more ‘natural’ .


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  • hi
    thanx from your assist
    iam so happy from your email about english
    during these days iam learning english language very easily
    if u send me exercies more i will be happy .

  • I enjoy all the material sent.Thanks a lot

  • Mr.Brown
    Thank so much for the lessons. Even though you recently had an operation you still sending us the homework. that show the great person that you are.

  • I find your lessons very effective. I love to answer your exercises. It has really improved my grammar. Looking forward to receive more lessons from you…please keep on sending 🙂 A million thanks.

  • I want to mix with somebody who like English and may be make my english better

  • I love it very very can not imagine how much are helpful your lessons to me.I highly benefit from your lessons. pleeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaasssssssseeeeee continue sending me your Excellent lessons .If you have any thing free to help me to improve my english to the highest level, donot hesitate to do it for me.English is the best.

  • Thank you very much for the Exercises.I can feel my English improving day by day through them.

  • thank you.

  • thank you very much for you help a help me a lot.



  • you are the best thanks a lot

  • All lessons you have sent me were all great and easy to understand. Many thanks.

  • 10q p u help me a lot

  • Highly interesting ,Not only for beginers. Thanks a lot

  • Dear Mr Brown I have got your lessons several times and they really help me with my English. what a shame that I have never said my gratitude.But this time I would really say thank you and hope that you will get well soon. God bless you.

  • its helpful for us

  • Dear Mr Brown

    Thank you very much indeed. My students, family, friends and I really enjoy your lessons. I can’t thank you enough. And I as I always say to my students, working hard pays off =)

    Regards, Viviana

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