No Idioms

If you have absolutely no knowledge of something, you have ‘no idea’ about it.

  • I have no idea what caused my computer to crash.
  • I have no idea where she is.

If something is not at all surprising, it is ‘no wonder’ that it happens.

  • You are only wearing a small tee-shirt. No wonder you are cold.
  • He’s always late for work. It’s no wonder that his boss is unhappy with him.

If it is impossible that something will happen, there is ‘no way’ it will happen.

  • There’s no way I’m letting you borrow my new Porsche.
  • If you go to the interview in jeans, there’s no way that you’ll get the job.

Another way of saying this is to say that there is ‘no chance’ it will happen.

  • I have no chance of getting the promotion.
  • There’s no chance of us catching the plane now.

If something is serious or difficult, it is ‘no joke’.

  • Addressing 5000 envelopes by hand will be no joke.
  • With six people off with flu, working here is no joke.

If a situation is unpleasant or difficult, it is ‘no picnic’.

  • Bringing up six children is no picnic.
  • It’s no picnic running a company in France.

If you have no evidence of something, you see ‘no sign’ of it.

  • I see no sign of an economic upturn.
  • There’s no sign of any improvement.

If there is no evidence or justification for something, there is ‘no reason’ for it.

  • There’s no reason to be so pessimistic.
  • There’s no reason to take your anger out on me.

If there is no reward or objective in doing something, there is ‘no point’ in doing it.

  • There’s no point in working hard when the shop is closing down on Friday.
  • I see no point in asking her as she always turns down our invitations.

If something is very probable or highly likely, there is ‘no doubt’ about it.

  • No doubt the American relay runners are very unhappy that they dropped the baton.
  • He wants to see me and no doubt is going to ask for a better salary.

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