Order 2

Hello again.

I have a new vocabulary exercise for you. It is number 11 on this page –

I am off to house-sit today. Or perhaps I am dog-sitting? Or even kitten-siting? In any event, I am moving for a few days from my very small flat to a big house with an enormous garden. The owners are off to the UK and Ireland for a week or so and I am going to look after their house, garden and animals. Quite a responsibility. I cannot work out how much I need to pack. A few clothes, my medicine, my computers? I will only be an hour away from my flat so could come back easily.

There are four kittens there and two are to be mine. I like all four of them and it is difficult to choose. One kitten is off to Barcelona when it is old enough but choosing two from the other three is difficult.

Speaking of Barcelona, the new French Prime Minister was born there. I wonder how often a foreign-born person has reached high office in any country? We have just had local elections in France and Brits like me are allowed to vote. In fact, I know several Brits who were candidates in the election and got elected. However, they are not allowed to become mayor.

Back to my packing.

Pearson BROWN