Meetings – more listening

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MeetingInternational Monetary Fund / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND Hello again. In today’s lesson, we have some listening concerned with Meetings. I have been absent for a while. This is partly because I have been travelling but mainly because I have had big problems with my Internet connection. I was able to read my email […]


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International Monetary Fund / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND Hello again. I have some listening exercises for you today. They are to do with the language of Meetings. I am really busy. I have just got back from a meeting in London and I am just about to go look after my father for a […]


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Hello again. This week’s activity is about that tricky word ENOUGH. You can find it by clicking At long last I have finished my house move. I only moved ten kilometers south but the whole thing seemed to take for ever. I moved everything by myself. At the age of 63, I found it […]

More on Will and Would

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Hello again. Today’s lesson gives you more practice in WILL and WOULD. Hope you enjoy it. In this morning’s news, it has been reported that there is a suspected Ebola outbreak in Barcelona. Although that is not the country in which I live, it is not very far from me as the crow flies. […]

Will or would in conditionals

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Hello again. Today’s lesson is about the difference between WILL and WOULD in conditional sentences. I need to do a bit of market research today. Perhaps you can help me? A lot of people ask me about organizing some speaking practice sessions over the Internet. Normally an individual coaching session on Skype would cost […]

Socializing – talking about Sport

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Hello again. Today I have some more exercises for you on Socializing. Today it is talking about Sport. I know this is a topic that people either love or hate 🙂 Where I now live, football is not the most popular sport, it is rugby. In the local cafe, if there is a choice […]

Socialising about holidays

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Hello again. Here is another listening exercise about Socialising. This one is talking about holiday plans. Or, if you are American, this is Socializing about vacation plans. It’s very dark here because there are rain clouds overhead. We have had some terrible weather in this region with rain as strong as I have ever […]


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Hello again. Today I have a lesson for you on Socializing or Socialising. That is one of those words which American and British speakers often write differently, with either a Z or an S. It’s a listening lesson. My friend is in hospital so I am intending to visit her later today. You may […]

Qualifying Comparatives

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Hello again. Today’s activity is about qualifying comparatives. I hope you enjoy it. I have been travelling quite a lot over the last few weeks. One trip I made was to a barbecue at a friend’s house in Bristol, England. Bristol is a lovely city. It got very rich in the past as a […]

As .. as

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Hello again. I have a fairly easy exercise or two for you today. I took a short break for a couple of weeks to look after my father. He is aged 93 and has just moved house from England to France. He will be living with my sister but I had to be there […]

First Conditional

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Today I have some exercises on the First Conditional. I hope you enjoy them. I have just been watching a television documentary about a comedy group called Monty Python. They were very popular when I was a student but that was 45 years ago. Now they are putting on some shows in London, even […]

Zero Conditional

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Hello again. Today’s exercise is about the Zero Conditional. You can find it by clicking on this link In my last newsletter, I told you about my friend who had the bad fall. Since then, she has been confined to bed as the scan showed that she has broken a bone in her back. […]

prepositions plus -ing

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Hello again. This weeks’s exercise is about prepositions that are followed by the -ing form. You can find the exercises here I have told you before about my friends who have the big house and the intelligent dog. I have another story about them but this time it is quite amazing. My friends live […]

More multi-word verbs

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Hello again. I have some exercises for you today on multi-word verbs. I have been away for a few days on the island of Mallorca. It is only a short flight from where I live, about 45 minutes, but it is a completely different world. The island has long been a popular destination for […]

New lesson on Gerunds

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Hello again. I have a new exercise for you about that complicated subject of infinitives, gerunds etc. I have a happy ending for my story about my not seeing my daughter in Barcelona. She is coming again next week. Fingers crossed. On the first of May it is Mayday. My other daughter and granddaughters […]

Another listening activity

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I have a new listening activity for you. It is number 6 on this page I heard last week that my younger daughter was coming to Barcelona with her work. As some of you may know, she is cabin crew working for an airline in Dubai. So I booked a room in the same […]

More on Sentence Structure

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Hello again. I have a new exercise for you on Sentence Structure. It is number 10 on this page I got a lot of reaction to my story about the intelligent dog. Thank you, everybody. Here is a true story about birds sent in by one subscriber from England. My daughter is a writer. […]


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Hello again. The exercise this time is about some useful expressions. Look at number 12 on this page I have had a fun time looking after my friend’s house and kittens. I am scratched all over 😉 However, I want to tell you about their dog, a most incredible animal. The dog is a […]

Order 2

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Hello again. I have a new vocabulary exercise for you. It is number 11 on this page – I am off to house-sit today. Or perhaps I am dog-sitting? Or even kitten-siting? In any event, I am moving for a few days from my very small flat to a big house with an enormous […]

Listening activity

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Hello again. Here is another listening exercise. It is called In The Warehouse and is number 5 on this page – Pearson BROWN admin Please enter the biographical info from the user profile screen.