Meetings vocabulary 3

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Hello again. I have produced another set of exercises on Meetings vocabulary. Scroll down to the last exercise on this page The first of November was a public holiday here in France. It is called All Saints Day and is a day when many people visit cemeteries to remember the dead. the flowers they […]

A new listening text

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Hello again. I had a great time on Friday. My friend and I had been told that a supermarket near us in Spain had a section containing a lot of English food. Although we eat well in France and have ready access to the good food in Spain, we thought it would be interesting to […]

Should plus the -ing form

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Hello again. I have been travelling a bit recently, both within France and in Spain. Although I live in France, the nearest big city to me is Barcelona. I haven.’t visited there very much because I find the driving in big cities too difficult these days. However, there is now a very fast and cheap […]

Multi-word verbs

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Hello again. We are still having lovely days here but the evenings are getting cold. As a result, everybody I know has got a head cold. Noses are streaming, eyes are watering, ears and throats are aching. Today we have some exercises on multi-word verbs. Look at exercise 6 Pearson BROWN

Grammar Revision

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Hello again. Today I have some grammar revision for you. It shouldn’t cause you too many problems. Look at Units 4 and 5 here These exercises will not work on many tablets and phones but I am testing out some new software that works with these. More on this very soon. Pearson BROWN


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Hello again. I don’t like meetings – and I think many of you will feel the same 🙂 However, they are a fact of life for many of us. So today we have some useful vocabulary to do with meetings : Click down to Unit 5. Pearson BROWN


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Hello again. Here are some vocabulary exercises on SPORT. I won’t write more as I am off to do some sport 🙂 Pearson Brown


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Hello again. I have some exercises today on ‘socialising’. My spell checker thinks I have made a “mistake” there because my spell checker is American and I am British. We tend to write words like this with an “ise” ending though it is still correct to use the common American ending of “ize”. So if […]

Stative Verbs and Passives

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Hello again. I have produced some exercises on stative verbs and on the passive. They are items two and three on this page. Time to get in the swimming pool. Oh, I don’t have one. Luckily, my friends are building one at this precise minute. 😉 Pearson


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Hello again. Thanks for all your good wishes. My eye test was a success. It is very hot here. Too hot to work 😉 But I have got some new listening tasks available for you at the bottom of this page: Have a great week. Pearson BROWN

Vocabulary and Grammar

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Bonus English Lessons – VocabularySent Monday, July 1, 2013  Hello again. At long last, the summer has arrived here. After being cold for so long, I am now struggling to sleep at night because it is too hot.  I am never satisfied 🙂 From my balcony, I have a wonderful view of the mountains on […]

Back again ;-)

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Sorry about the long gap. I have been having big problems with my eyes. Here is a listening activity with three exercises.  


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You probably know that the verb like can be followed by either the -ing form or by an infinitive. I like going to the cinema I like to see all the latest movies. Often these two forms mean exactly the same thing but there can be a difference between them. When we use like to […]


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Just can be used as an adjective. It is related to the idea of  ‘justice’ and usually means ‘proper’ or ‘correct’. He is a just man. I think their punishment was just. There is an expression just deserts which means that someone got the punishment they deserved. Twenty years in prison? I think he got […]

Word Grammar – Know

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Know can be used as a noun in a couple of expressions. If you are in the know you have been told confidential information. For those of you not already in the know, Jane and I are getting married. If you have know-how. you have expertise. Does he have the technical know-how to work on this project? […]

Questions and Answers

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Here are some ways of dealing with questions when you are the SPEAKER: When you don’t want to answer: To be honest, I’m not really the person to ask about that. When someone interrupts you: Sorry, could I just finish? When you finally understand what they want to know: Oh I see. So what you […]


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We can use let to mean to rent out a house. We moved to Australia and let our house in London. A major use of let is for talking about ‘allowing’ and ‘permission’. My mother let me come. I let her leave early. One pattern is let followed by an OBJECT followed by a BARE INFINITIVE She let […]

Answering/not answering questions

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Here are some useful expressions for when you are making a presentation or talk, perhaps in a meeting or in a congress or perhaps more informally in a discussion around the coffee machine. Or, if you work at Google, over the table football or going down the slide 😉 Are there any questions? That is […]

Giving yourself time to think

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When people ask you questions, you often need time to think before you reply. Or perhaps you don’t know the answer or the information is confidential. Here are some ways in which you can pause for thought or block questions.. That’s a very interesting question. That’s a very interesting question. Let me think about it […]

Asking a speaker for clarification 2

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Sometimes you can only ask questions at the end of a presentation. In that case, you need to refer back to the point in the talk you need clarification on. Here are some useful expressions to help you do that: First focus on the point you want to discuss You talked about You talked about […]