Phrasal Verbs – get part 2

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Here is the second part about using the verb ‘to get’ combined with particles:

‘to get behind’ means to be late or behind schedule.

  • I’ll stay late and finish it today. I don’t want to get behind with my work.
  • We don’t want to get behind schedule on this project.

‘to get into’ means to become involved in, for example trouble or debt.

  • I thought he’d get into trouble after the problems he caused.
  • We got into debt when we had a lot of unexpected bills to pay.

‘to get on’ means to have a good relationship.

  • I like working with him. We get on really well.
  • He’s not an easy person. I don’t get on with him very well.

‘to get on’ can also mean to continue an activity.

  • I must get on or I will never get this report finished.
  • I can’t get on. He is always interrupting and asking me to jobs for him.

‘to get out’ means to leave a car or building

  • I often don’t get out of work until after seven pm.
  • After the accident, the door was stuck and I couldn’t get out of the car.

‘to get out of’ means to avoid doing something.

  • I don’t want to do it. How can I get out of it?
  • He is always getting out of the difficult jobs and I have to do them!

‘to get over’ means to communicate, to make people understand.

  • They are not convinced. I didn’t get my ideas over very well.
  • I just can’t get over the idea we need to be more careful. They just don’t want to understand.

‘to get over’ can also mean to recover from something.

  • I still don’t feel very well. I haven’t got over that bad cold.
  • She has not got over Richard. He broke her heart.

‘to get round to’ means to finally do something after a time

  • Two months later, he finally got round to finishing that report.
  • I’m sorry but I haven’t done it yet. I haven’t got round to it.

‘to get through’ means to contact by phone

  • I’ve been trying all day. I can’t get through to her.
  • I rang her ten times. I didn’t get through until almost seven in the evening.


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