Phrasal Verbs – pull part 2

Let’s continue with ‘to pull’, here are some of the most common:

‘to pull out’ means to extract something.

* It was very painful. The dentist pulled out two of my teeth.
* Somebody had pulled some pages out of the book.

‘to pull out of’ means decide not to continue with an activity or agreement.

* We signed a contract. We can’t pull out of the deal.
* They pulled out of the negotiations after only two hours.

‘to pull out’ is used when a vehicle driven out of a place into the road.

* I didn’t see the man on the bicycle as I was pulling out of the car park.
* The car pulled out in front of the bus.

‘to pull over’ means to drive a car to the side of the road.

* The car was making a strange noise so I pulled over to have a look at it.
* I pulled over to ask someone the way.

‘to pull through’ means recover after a serious illness.

* The doctor came to tell me that John would pull through.
* Nobody thought he’d pull through after the accident.

‘to pull yourself together’ means to regain control of your emotions.

* Stop crying. It’s time to pull yourself together.
* He took a long time to pull himself together.

‘to pull together’ means to cooperate and work as a group to achieve something.

* We can do this, if we all pull together.
* We have to pull together during difficult times.

‘to pull up’ is used when a car slows down and stops.

* It started to rain just as we pulled up in front of the restaurant.
* A taxi pulled up just as I came out of the airport.

‘to pull up’ a chair means you move it in order to sit down.

* Come and join us. Pull up a chair.
* He pulled up a chair and sat down.

‘to pull up’ also means to criticise someone when they make a mistake.

* If you make a mistake, they will pull you up on it every time.
* He’s always pulling me up on my grammar.


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