Phrasal Verbs -‘take’ part 1

Now let’s begin looking at some common expressions using the verb ‘to take ‘ combined with particles:

‘to take after’ means to resemble a parent or family member.

  • She’s blond with blue eyes. She takes after her father.
  • He is good at maths. He doesn’t take after me!

‘to take along’ means you take someone or something with you when you go somewhere.

  • I took Sue along to the party. She really enjoyed it.
  • Shall we take a bottle along? That is always appreciated.

‘to take apart’ means to separate something into the parts it is made up of.

  • He took the machine apart and couldn’t reassemble it.
  • The machine needs taking apart and cleaning and oiling then it’ll work.

‘to take aside’ means to isolate a person from the rest of a group to talk to them privately.

  • After the meeting, he took me aside and asked me what I really thought.
  • She took Danny aside and explained what she wanted him to do.

‘to take away’ means to remove something from its place and put it elsewhere.

  • Someone had cleaned the room and taken away all the dirty dishes.
  • Take that away! I don’t want it in here.

‘to take away’ also means to remove something and stop them having it again.

  • His passport was taken away so he can’t leave the country.
  • Security was very strict in the airport, they even took away my bottle of water!

‘to take back’ means to return something you have bought or borrowed.

  • When I got home I discovered it didn’t work so I took it back to the shop.
  • When you’ve finished using it, can you take it back to the kitchen and put it away, please?

‘to take down’ means to go to a lower level or place with something.

  • I took them down to the beach for the day as the weather was beautiful.
  • Can you take that down, please? It shouldn’t be up here in your bedroom.

‘to take down’ also means to remove something that is attached to a wall or other object.

  • When I went into the sitting room, I noticed that he had taken down all the pictures.
  • Now the election is over, all the posters have been taken down.


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