Phrasal Verbs – throw

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These exercises are about using the verb ‘to throw ‘ combined with particles. Here are some of the most common:

‘to throw away’ means to get rid of something because you don’t need or want it any more.

  • I’m going to throw away these old shoes.  I can’t wear them any more.
  • Throw away those old magazines. Everybody has read them.

‘to throw in’ means to add something extra when you are selling something.

  • When I bought my car, they threw in free insurance.
  • When you buy fruit and vegetables on the market, they often throw in a few extra.

‘to throw in’ a remark in a conversation means to suddenly say something without thinking about it.

  • In the middle of dinner, he just threw in that he was leaving his job to travel the world.
  • She just threw in some comment about how terrible a manager Nick was.

‘to throw yourself into’ means to do something with a lot of enthusiasm and energy.

  • The children threw themselves into the project and got it finished very quickly.
  • He loves his new job and has thrown himself into it with great enthusiasm.

‘to throw off’  means to free yourself from something.

  • I’ve had this cold for ages now. I just can’t throw it off.
  • He has never been able to throw off that young boy image.

‘to throw on’ means put on a piece of clothing quickly without much thought.

  • I was in a hurry so I just threw on an old dress and coat.
  • I’ll just throw on my coat and be with you in a moment.

‘to throw out’ means to reject a proposal or idea.

  • The court didn’t have enough evidence so they threw the case out.
  • After all the demonstrations and protests, parliament threw out the bill.

‘to throw someone out of’ means to force someone to leave a place.

  • His bad behaviour was the reason he was thrown out of school.
  • They were thrown out of the club because they had had too much to drink.

‘to throw together’ means to quickly make something without a lot of preparation.

  • It was a very simple dinner. I just threw together a salad with things from the fridge.
  • She’s very good at sewing. She just throws together a dress in an evening.

‘to throw up’ means to generate or produce new problems or ideas.

  • It was a very good meeting. It threw up loads of new ideas.
  • Our discussion has thrown up some very serious concerns about safety.


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