Phrasal Verbs with up – part 3

If you make a mess, you need to ‘clear it up’.

  • It was your party. You clear up the mess.
  • Don’t expect me to clear up after you.

If you need some support, you need somebody to ‘back you up’.

  • If you report it, I’ll back you up.
  • Nobody would back me up when I complained.

If there is none left, you have ‘used it all up’.

  • The ketchup bottle is empty. We must have used it all up.
  • We must stop for petrol (or gas!) . We’ve used it all up.

On a special occasion, you put on fine clothes โ€“ you dress up.

  • Do we need to dress up for the party?
  • I like dressing up and going somewhere fancy.

If you fall behind in your studies, you need to ‘catch up’.

  • He was ill for two months and is struggling to catch up.
  • I need to put in some work to catch up on what I missed.

If you go to bed late, you ‘stay up’.

  • My student daughter stays up until 3 every day.
  • I cannot stay up late. I’ve got to start early tomorrow.

Perhaps my daughter’s parents didn’t ‘bring her up’ correctly.

  • She was brought up very strictly.
  • He’s been very well brought up.

When it’s time to finish drinking, you tell everybody to ‘drink up’.

  • Drink up. We have to leave now.
  • It’s time to go so drink up.

If you like vegetables as I do, you ‘eat them all up’ and don’t leave any on your plate.

  • If you eat up all your carrots, you can have some ice cream.
  • I ate up all the chocolate that we had.

If you need some information, you should ‘look it up’ on Google.

  • I looked up the name of the capital of Scotland. It is not Glasgow.
  • Can you look up his phone number for me, please?

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