prepositions plus -ing

Hello again.

This weeks’s exercise is about prepositions that are followed by the -ing form. You can find the exercises here

I have told you before about my friends who have the big house and the intelligent dog. I have another story about them but this time it is quite amazing.

My friends live in a house on the side of a mountain. Below the house is a small stream but it is difficult to get to the stream because the slope is so steep. When they strim the grass on this slope, they have to be attached to a rope.

The husband was away in England for a few days and the wife was staying by herself. One night she woke up at about three o’clock in the morning and found that she was lying down by the stream. She tried to get up but couldn’t as she was very sore everywhere. The dog was beside her, licking her and encouraging her to move. All she could do was to crawl very slowly back up the slope.

What seems to have happened is that she walked in her sleep, went outside and fell down the slope. She is lucky to still be alive. She has a very sore back but is otherwise OK.

If she had broken her leg, she might have lain there for several days, until her husband came home. She was very lucky.

Pearson BROWN

PS Instead of lain, I could have written laid.

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  1. I didn’t find the word “strim” (When they strim the grass on this slope,…) not even on Google. What does it mean?

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