Should plus the -ing form

Hello again.

I have been travelling a bit recently, both within France and in Spain. Although I live in France, the nearest big city to me is Barcelona. I haven.’t visited there very much because I find the driving in big cities too difficult these days. However, there is now a very fast and cheap train service from Perpignan in France to Barcelona so I took that. In Barcelona, I did all the usual tourist things. I ate paella, I saw the old and new cathedrals and I looked at the strange and amazing architecture. It is a very beautiful city. But the highlight for me was visiting Barcelona football club. I bought my son a football shirt with the name Messi on the back. It cost me about one hundred dollars 🙁 Now I have no money left for food for the rest of this month. Pasta, pasta and pasta.

I have a couple of new units for you. One is about ‘should’ and the other looks at ‘the -ing form’. They are units six and seven on this page

I hope you enjoy them.

Pearson BROWN