Socialising about holidays

Hello again.

Here is another listening exercise about Socialising. This one is talking about holiday plans. Or, if you are American, this is Socializing about vacation plans.

It’s very dark here because there are rain clouds overhead. We have had some terrible weather in this region with rain as strong as I have ever seen.

The city of Montpellier to the north of where I live has had terrible floods. The fast trains from Perpignan cannot go north as the line is under water. But they cannot go south into Spain either because the station at Girona is underground and has been filled with water.

More locally, the road in my nearest valley is closed at the moment because of flooding. Luckily, I live high up a mountain and the water disappears quickly. However, the heavy rain dislodges rocks and boulders and they can be dangerous when they fall. One time I did a lot of damage to my car when I ran into a boulder.