Socializing – talking about Sport

Hello again.

Today I have some more exercises for you on Socializing. Today it is talking about Sport. I know this is a topic that people either love or hate πŸ™‚

Where I now live, football is not the most popular sport, it is rugby. In the local cafe, if there is a choice of a football match or a rugby match on the television, they will always choose the rugby match. There are no major football clubs anywhere near me. The nearest big club is Barcelona in Spain and you do see some young boys around here wearing Barcelona shirts.

At the end of last season, the Perpignan team was eliminated from the top division and I thought that the local support might fade away. None of that. The matches are still televised and just as many people gather to watch them.

But there is also another professional rugby team in Perpignan, the Catalan Dragons. They play a different form of rugby, Rugby League. This is a game which is played with 13, not 15, players and is popular in the north of England but not in the south. What is unusual is that the Dragons play in the English league as there are no other strong French clubs. A long way to travel to away matches.