Business English idioms – heart

Learn new expressions in English with these exercises: If you get discouraged, you ‘lose heart’. When I saw how good the other contestants were I began to lose heart a bit. Don’t lose heart. We can still do well. At the moment you feel disappointed or discouraged your ‘heart sinks’. My heart sank when I … Read more

Business English Idioms – health

Here are some idioms to do with health. To say that you are in good health, you can use the expressions ‘as fit as a fiddle’ or ‘fighting fit’. I’ve never felt better. I’m really fighting fit. After those vitamins the doctor gave me, I feel as fit as a fiddle. (Yes, ‘fiddle’ is another … Read more

Business English Idioms – Memory

If you “can’t get a word in edgeways”, this means that you have no chance to say anything. So many people were trying to speak that I couldn’t get a word in edgeways. It’s also possible to say “can’t get a word in edgewise”. Kate never stops talking. It’s difficult to get a word in … Read more

Business English Idioms – war

There are a lot of expressions used in business which are borrowed from the army and from war. Here are some examples: You can ‘gain ground’ on your competition. We’ve gained ground in the Japanese market. We now have a 20% market share, up from just 7% last year. You ‘ don’t give up without … Read more

Business English – time idioms

There are a lot of idioms talking about time as if it were money. You can spend time. *I spent 3 hours doing that. You can waste time. *I wasted an hour waiting for her. Time can be a waste. *It’s not worth going. The whole exhibition is a waste of time. You can value … Read more