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We can use let to mean to rent out a house. We moved to Australia and let our house in London. A major use of let is for talking about ‘allowing’ and ‘permission’. My mother let me come. I let her leave early. One pattern is let followed by an OBJECT followed by a BARE INFINITIVE She let […]

English Phrasal Verbs – out part 5

If you ‘shut out’ a noise or light you prevent it from being heard or seen. You can also ‘shut out’ emotions and feelings, usually painful ones. We need to close the curtains and shut out the light. You will have to try to shut out those painful memories. If you don’t include somebody in […]

Used to and would for past habits.

Somebody asked me to explain more about ‘used to’ and ‘would’ and when we could use these. I have already wrtten this: Used to do We use ‘used to’ for something that happened regularly in the past but no longer happens. I used to smoke a packet a day but I stopped two years ago. […]

Phrasal verbs – go part 3

Let’s continue looking at the verb ‘to go’ combined with particles. Here are some more common ones: ‘to go on doing something’ means to continue doing something. He didn’t even look at me. He just went on working. I can’t go on working so hard. I’m going to make myself ill. ‘to go on to […]