Time off – expressions

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Learn the vocabulary to talk about being absent from jobs in English: to take time off = to be absent from work, at home or on vacation. I’m going to take a few days off to visit my parents. I’m taking Monday off to go to the dentist and do some jobs at home. to take […]

Be phrasal verbs

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One way to say you are leaving is to say you are ‘off’. I’m off now. See you tomorrow. It’s time I was off or I’ll be late for the meeting. If you have no more supply/stock of something you are ‘out of’ the item. We’re out of ink for the photocopier. Can you go […]

Phrasal Verbs – get

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This lesson is the first in two lessons about using the verb ‘to get’ combined with particles. Here are some of the most common: ‘to get across’ means to communicate, make people understand. I’m not sure I got that across very well. I don’t think they really understood. He’s an excellent speaker. He can get […]

Business English Idioms – health

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Here are some idioms to do with health. To say that you are in good health, you can use the expressions ‘as fit as a fiddle’ or ‘fighting fit’. I’ve never felt better. I’m really fighting fit. After those vitamins the doctor gave me, I feel as fit as a fiddle. (Yes, ‘fiddle’ is another […]

Understanding English Grammar – phrasal verbs put part 4

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Let’s finish with the verb ‘to put’ combined with particles. Here is the final list of expressions: ‘to put money towards’ something means to use a sum of money to pay a part of the cost of something. When he died, he left me some money which I am going to put towards a house. […]