English Phrasal Verbs – out part 1

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If you ‘ask someone out’, you invite them out on a date (with the hope of romance between you.) I want to ask her out but I am too shy. He asked me out on Friday but I told him I had to wash my hair. If you ‘cut something out’, you no longer do […]

Business English – time idioms

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There are a lot of idioms talking about time as if it were money. You can spend time. *I spent 3 hours doing that. You can waste time. *I wasted an hour waiting for her. Time can be a waste. *It’s not worth going. The whole exhibition is a waste of time. You can value […]

Understanding English Grammar – phrasal verbs put part 3

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Let’s continue with more expressions with the verb ‘to put’ combined with particles. Here are some more of the most common ones: ‘to put on’ a piece of clothing means to place it over a part of the body to wear it. It’s cold in here. I’m going to put a sweater on. Before going […]

Phrasal Verbs – Look part 2

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Let’s continue looking at the verb ‘to look’ combined with particles: ‘to look on’ means to watch something happen. The Police just looked on as the demonstrators marched peacefully through the streets. Nobody helped me. They just looked on as I struggled to get up off the street. ‘to look on’ also means to consider […]