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We can use let to mean to rent out a house. We moved to Australia and let our house in London. A major use of let is for talking about ‘allowing’ and ‘permission’. My mother let me come. I let her leave early. One pattern is let followed by an OBJECT followed by a BARE INFINITIVE She let […]

No Idioms

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If you have absolutely no knowledge of something, you have ‘no idea’ about it. I have no idea what caused my computer to crash. I have no idea where she is. If something is not at all surprising, it is ‘no wonder’ that it happens. You are only wearing a small tee-shirt. No wonder you […]

Swimming Idioms

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If you are ‘out of your depth’, you don’t have the necessary knowledge, experience or skill to deal with a particular situation or subject. When she started talking about quantum physics, I felt completely out of my depth. I’m an engineer. I feel out of my depth when we discuss accounting problems. If you are […]

Idioms – way

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If you ‘pave the way’ it means to make progress easier. The agreement on trade paves the way for better relations between the countries. The discovery paved the way to the development of a new drug to treat diabetes. If you are ‘set in your ways’ , you resist any changes. He’s only 45 but […]

Idioms – see

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Remember that when we say ‘I see’ we can mean ‘with my eyes’ but we can also mean ‘I understand’. I’m not very happy with your decision. I see. Is there anything I can do to persuade you? If you don’t understand the reason for doing something, you ‘can’t see the point’. I can’t see […]