We can use let to mean to rent out a house. We moved to Australia and let our house in London. A major use of let is for talking about ‘allowing’ and ‘permission’. My mother let me come. I let her leave early. One pattern is let followed by an OBJECT followed by a BARE INFINITIVE She let … Read more

More Human Resources Phrasal Verbs

‘get on’ = to have a good relationship I don’t like my boss. We just don’t get on. The atmosphere is terrible. He doesn’t get on with his co-workers. ‘follow up’ = to find out more about or take further action on something. Before we offer her the job, we need to follow up on her references. … Read more

Human Resources Phrasal Verbs

Learn the most common phrasal verbs used in Human Resources in English: ‘close down’ = to shut We have closed down the small local branches and created bigger regional offices. The factory closed down in the 1970’s because it was too expensive to produce here. ‘fight against’ = to make an effort to stop something happening All … Read more

Phrasal Verbs – up part 5

If you ‘do up’ your coat, you fasten it. Do up your jacket. It looks untidy. Can you do up my coat for me? My hands are frozen. ‘Do up’ can also mean to decorate or make repairs to something. Buy me the paint and I will do up my room. I’m going to do … Read more

Phrasal verbs with up – part 4

If someone ‘beats you up’, they hit and kick you and hurt you a lot. The muggers beat him up badly. I was beaten up so badly that I was off work for a month. If you ‘bottle up’ a feeling or emotion, you suppress them and don’t express them. If you bottle up your … Read more