Human Resources Phrasal Verbs

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Learn the most common phrasal verbs used in Human Resources in English: ‘close down’ = to shut We have closed down the small local branches and created bigger regional offices. The factory closed down in the 1970’s because it was too expensive to produce here. ‘fight against’ = to make an effort to stop something happening All […]

Time off – expressions

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Learn the vocabulary to talk about being absent from jobs in English: to take time off = to be absent from work, at home or on vacation. I’m going to take a few days off to visit my parents. I’m taking Monday off to go to the dentist and do some jobs at home. to take […]

More on Applying for a Job

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Let’s continue learning vocabulary to talk about getting or changing jobs in English: Applying for a job may mean filling out an ‘application form‘ giving your personal details. If you are interested in the job, could you fill out this application form, please? I have completed the application form for that job and sent it […]

Adjectives used with ‘Job’

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An ‘absorbing’ job is one that is very interesting and claims all your attention. My job is so absorbing that I sometimes forget to have lunch. I get bored in my job. I need one that is much more absorbing. A ‘badly-paid’ job is one where you receive less income than the average. The hotel industry has a lot […]

Pay vocabulary

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‘Pay’ is money that you get from your employer, either as a wage or as a salary. What are the pay and conditions for the job? Pay rates in the industry are very poor. ‘Back pay’ is money owed to you by your employer for work done in the past which has not yet been paid. I’m […]

No Idioms

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If you have absolutely no knowledge of something, you have ‘no idea’ about it. I have no idea what caused my computer to crash. I have no idea where she is. If something is not at all surprising, it is ‘no wonder’ that it happens. You are only wearing a small tee-shirt. No wonder you […]

More Animal Idioms

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Learn new expressions in English with these exercises: If you search for something which is futile, pointless or unattainable, you are on a ‘wild-goose chase’. He sent us on a wild-goose chase for a book that isn’t being published until next year. She sent us on a wild-goose chase looking for their beach house. A […]

Phrasal Verbs – get

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This lesson is the first in two lessons about using the verb ‘to get’ combined with particles. Here are some of the most common: ‘to get across’ means to communicate, make people understand. I’m not sure I got that across very well. I don’t think they really understood. He’s an excellent speaker. He can get […]