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Hello again.

I have a new lesson on TOO.  You can find it here

It works on most computers but not on all phones and tablets. I should have an exercise which does work on phones and tablets available tomorrow.

I wasn’t expecting to send out a new exercise so soon but there was a minor communication problem and I feel I should correct it. I wrote yesterday that my father has gone. He was staying with me but now has returned to his own home. Some people have interpreted this to means he has died and have sent me messages of condolence. This is not the case. He is extremely well. But thank you anyway for the well-meant messages of sympathy.

Another problem I had yesterday was that my cat sat on my keyboard just before I sent my message. He managed to enter some extra S’s into my message. I think he was trying to write SOS as he thinks I don’t feed him enough 🙂

Have a nice day.

Pearson BROWN