Zero Conditional

Hello again.

Today’s exercise is about the Zero Conditional. You can find it by clicking on this link

In my last newsletter, I told you about my friend who had the bad fall. Since then, she has been confined to bed as the scan showed that she has broken a bone in her back. My friend is one of those people who is always moving around and she has found the whole process very frustrating.

I got some comments about a verb I used, “strim”. I assumed that this word had come into British English from American English but I was wrong. In fact not all British dictionaries have this verb form, although they all have the noun form “strimmer”. This word is a contraction of two words, “string” and “trimmer”, and refers to a machine which cuts long grass and weeds by spinning a string very quickly.

The Oxford and Cambridge dictionaries do not cover the verb form but other dictionaries do. You can see some clear examples here

Off now to visit my poor friend.

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