Will or would in conditionals

Hello again.

Today’s lesson is about the difference between WILL and WOULD in conditional sentences.


I need to do a bit of market research today. Perhaps you can help me?

A lot of people ask me about organizing some speaking practice sessions over the Internet. Normally an individual coaching session on Skype would cost at least 30 dollars an hour.
(I know some people claim to be cheaper but they are usually offering 45 minute lessons,)

I have been looking at the possibility of using something like Google Hangouts to offer free lessons but I haven’t got any further.

My first problem is that I am a bit scared about doing it. Put me in front of a class of students and I love it. Attach me to a computer with a system I haven’t used before and I get a bit tense. There is no doubt that as I get older I take longer to learn new techniques.

Another problem is that I don’t know how well it would work technologically. I live up in the mountains and my connection is not very fast. Sometimes when I Skype my father, the connection breaks down.

A third problem is how to get people speaking. On most webinars I go to, one person speaks and the rest can only contribute by writing messages. Not ideal for a language classroom.

My final problem is that I am not sure that anybody is free at the time I would want to do them, during the week at about lunchtime London time.

I would love to hear from you if you have any experience of using Google Hangouts and you think this would be a good idea. Please don’t write back if you are not interested.

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